Best basement renovation ideas – what can arise in your basement?

If you have a basement under your house, you’re in luck – undergrounds are now one of the most useful spaces that you can renovate and improve the value and function of your house without building an extension. With how basements were made even hundreds of years ago and how they’re built now, using if for a room that doesn’t require a lot of natural light and actually benefit from being a little dimmer sounds perfect. What can arise in your basement? Here are some of the best ideas we found so far.

Create a home cinema

Probably the best and most frequently chosen idea for a basement is to turn it into a home cinema. The basement is naturally relatively dark, which makes it easier to just renovate the walls, install the screen and seating area, add some decorations to make the room feel cosy and inviting – it’s really simple. If your budget allows for it, try installing some architectural lighting in the ceiling, which will make every visit to the basement feel like a real movie-going experience. Plus side? You can still get some storage space out of your cinema room by devoting the back wall, which will never get used, to some shelving and transfer all your DVDs, decorations and storage boxes to the basement.

home cinema
Add a wine cellar

If you love wine and your house is usually full of bottles to choose from when your guests arrive, creating a small wine cellar in the basement might be a great idea to further expand your wine horizons. It doesn’t have to be huge and take up the whole basement – most people decide on a wine cellar as an add-on to another project, whether it’s an extra cosy living room, a game room or a home theatre. If you have staircase going up from the basement and some unused space under it, it will be the perfect spot to install the racks and start lying out your wine. Plus side? The wine needs to be in a colder and darker space and the basement usually provides both.

wine cellar
Make a play room for your kids

Staying with the theme, one of the most popular choices for people trying to remake their basement is to create a huge, safe play room for their kids. With enough space for both storage and play on the floor, kids can have access to all their favourite toys and games, bring their friends for play and don’t be at risk of getting lost in the house or leaving it all together. On the plus side, a playroom in the basement can actually be divided into different areas and accommodate not only a comfortable rug to play on, but a basketball court, a crafts section and a tv to play games on at the same time.

play room

Get cosy and creative

Basements don’t allow much natural light to go in but for some projects that is actually ideal. If you ever dreamed of the cosiest living room to spend your evenings in, cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea, creating that space in the basement can bring you so much joy. During the day you can switch it up and use the basement as your home office, arts & crafts studio or anything else you can dream of. Get creative and remember – a basement is a great space that most people forget about and then complain the house is too small. It’s never that small if you know how to use it to your advantage.

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