ISO 12944 – a must-have norm for industrial coatings

Protecting steel from corrosion, abrasion and damage from changing weather conditions is a tough challenge that only the best industrial coatings can provide properly. With steel structures, both big and small, getting more and more use within different industries, creating a reliable industrial coating was one of the biggest goals for specialised companies and ISO 12944 was a norm that helped them achieve that. Why is the norm so important and what exactly does it bring to the company and the entire industrial steel coating industry?

ISO 12944 – international norm for paint protection systems

An internationally recognised norm issued under ISO 12944 deals with all aspects of proper steel protection by paint systems and covers, focusing mostly but not solely on anti-corrosion and abrasion protection. The norm includes many standards on how paint coatings for steel structures should be prepared and chosen to do their job properly, which means the norm itself is crucial not only for companies that prepare and apply industrial coatings, but for those whose structures require such coatings as well.

The ISO’s criteria and guidelines help, above all, select the proper paint system for any project that requires corrosion protection. Companies that specialise in industrial coatings have since used the standard as a general indicator for good quality products and services, using the guidelines for anti-corrosion, abrasion, chemical and heat protection industrial coatings.

Which areas are affected by ISO 12944 requirements?

Although the main focus of the norm is on industrial coatings and anti-corrosion protection, the standard provides guidelines for a much broader understanding of steel structure preparation and protection. The norm sets standards for quality control in every aspect affecting the final product, which means it focuses on the industrial paint itself and its qualities, but also on the process of preparing the steel, analysing the environment and risk factors, cleaning and painting methods, and even materials other than steel that might require proper protection system.

Why ISO 12944 is a must-have norm?

As many ISO standards that are used by leading companies in any industry, ISO 12944 helps keeping all products and services to the highest quality possible. For companies that offer steel and industrial coatings and coating renovation, the ISO 12944 standard is a means to ensure proper corrosion protection including paint technology, criteria for paint selection and surface preparation requirements. Such standards can be introduced without getting certified, but it’s the certification that confirms the compliance with an international norm and allows companies to work on their biggest projects.

Getting certified to ISO 12944 helps companies achieve and maintain a high standard for all their services and provide clients with clear, guaranteed results regardless of the structure, the damage it endured and the environment its subjected to. From the clients perspective, trusting a company that has been certified and proven to comply to the highest standards might be more expensive, but more reliable in the long run and with steel structures carrying a lot of weight for many industries, quality and durability is of the utmost importance.