ISO 27001 – implementation and certification for everyone

Looking for a quick and easy way to implement ISO 27001 as a standard in your company can be quite a disappointing process – there is no easy way to do so. Developing a new information security management system and then trying to adapt the company to live by it is never a smooth transition. Even though you will try to do everything to make the new ISMS fit your company’s policy and style of work, the new ISMS will be a big change and it needs time. So how does one implement a new ISMS, complaint to the ISO 27001 standard? By creating a plan, or as many call it, a roadmap to serve as guidance to the process.

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ISO 27001 – how to implement the standard in your company?

Before you go and create your roadmap though, there are certain things that need to happen. First of all, there is no way to implement ISO 27001 without the support of your management. This may seem obvious, but is in fact not always taken seriously – many have failed in the process just because their management wasn’t treating the implementation process with enough attention. Think of it as another project that needs to be realized and make them treat it the same way. Projects mean enough people and money put into place to make them happen. ISO 27001 can benefit your company, but you need to do it right.

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Creating a roadmap for ISO 27001

Defining the scope of ISO 27001 implementation is a huge part of planning your new ISMS. Larger organizations usually focus on applying the new rules to some parts of the company only so that the risk of something going wrong doesn’t put the whole business in danger. Assessing the scope of ISO 27001 implementation is also about doing an internal audit that tells you what needs to be changed – after all your company must have some idea on information security and is already taking some actions in that direction. The rest of the roadmap is fairly easy – there are ready-made sets to be found on the Internet or even better so, provided by companies that specialize in ISO implementation and will be more than happy to help you. Remember, ISO implementation takes time, but once it is over and you make sure it works properly, it’s only beneficial for your business. Certify your ISMS and have the advantage over your competition. Show your clients that you can take care of their information. A trusting client is a client that will always come back.