One Thing You Can Do Today That Will Put You In Better Financial Shape Tomorrow

I’m about to reveal a very key technique that anyone can use to ensure that their financial shape tomorrow is better than their financial shape today. Even better, you can apply this technique every single day and, if successful, you will end up in substantially better financial shape than if you didn’t do it. It’s incredibly simple, almost magically so, and yet virtually no one in the world actually does it.

Here’s why this technique is so amazing

(Nearly) every single person can do this. Almost any adult in the world can apply this technique. I can apply it in my Midwestern life. Maggie in New York can apply it. A teenager in Romania can do the same thing. So can a villager in the middle of India. It consistently results in cash in your pocket. Every time you accomplish this technique, you’ll magically find that there is more money in your pocket than there would have been had you not bothered with the technique. Since the technique is really simple, the appearance of this money can almost feel magical.

It’s not illegal or unethical. You’re not taking money that rightfully belongs to anyone else. There’s nothing at all unethical about it – in fact, doing it regularly can sometimes inspire others to match your successes. They’ll see you as ethical and level headed.
When you go to bed at night, having followed through on this secret will leave you feeling better about your place in the world. Trust me, I feel happy every time I do it. I do it many days, and every day I accomplish this one simple little thing, I go to bed at night feeling very good about the day that passed.

So what’s this great secret? What is this great technique that everyone can do to ensure a brighter financial future for themselves?

Don’t spend money today

Simply go through a day without spending a dime. Don’t stop for coffee or a bagel. Don’t hit the vending machine. Don’t stop by the village market for some goodie. Don’t download some songs from iTunes. Don’t buy a new book or movie or CD or piece of clothing. Just don’t.
Tomorrow, go back to normal living if you wish, but remember that every day that you follow that very simple rule, you are improving your financial state for the future. You’ll have money to pay down your debts or to invest. Maybe you can finally max out your 401(k) contributions if you have a few money-free days each month, or perhaps you can finally start that 529 for your child.

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