Start your international career as a specialist in the field of medical services. Paragona Medical is a recruitment organization that provides work in the UK, France, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Paragona works  for 15 years and has helped over 1000 people to develop their careers. On the Paragona’s page, you can read the articles, where some employees of Paragona have been appreciated by the local communities. All you have to do is send your CV and surrender to the process of recruitment.

After finding a job, you will meet  your employer and sign the contract together. Paragona organizes the trainings that will provide you the proper preparation and knowledge. Your family can expect the same assistance if you just will decide to move with them. Currently in Europe are needed specialists in many fields, especially in the medical one.

There is a chance that you can get your dream job, opportunities for development and a better life. Do not hesitate and apply today on the website of Paragona. Recruiters should contact you soon!

All about Paragona:


Location: Poland (Head office)

Phone: (+48) 22 653 66 80

Mail address: info[at]