What Would You Do With 10k?

Yesterday, I was asked the question “What would you do with an extra $10,000?” When I started to really think about it, there are tons of things I could do with that kind of money. What would you do with it? Buy that new TV you always wanted? Save it? Invest it? Pay down some credit card debt?
My first thought was to pay off my student loan debt. Would that be a smart financial decision? Probably not. That was a loan so I could leverage myself by paying for my education without using any of my own money. Another reason why it would not make sense to pay off my student loan quickly is the tax benefit and the low interest rate. After thinking about all the advantages, why would I want to expedite paying off a near interest free loan?
My second thought was to put $6,000 into my online savings account and invest the other $4,000 in my individual stock portfolio. This would be great way to increase my net worth and help build my retirement portfolio. I would then have $6,000 which I could use at my own discretion.
Then I thought of how I can use this money to get a higher long term return, and leverage this money as much as I could. Real estate is one of the only ways that you could purchase a big asset with little or no money. The $10,000 could be used as bargaining money for a down payment on a rental property. There’s a town house community that I’ve been looking at that would be perfect for this kind of investment. I could purchase the property and immediately rent it out to an Atlanta commuter or a fellow college student.
*eFIPO’s Rule* Always think outside the box when it comes to personal finance. There’s never just one way to solve a problem. Learn how you can turn a little money into lots of money.